Happy Friday the 13th; Welcome to The Bad+Good

The number 13 has been a source of superstition and irrational fears to many for eons, but for me? Well, I’ve always just seen it as my birthday. Today is Friday, October the 13th, and it also happens to be my 31st birthday. That’s kind of cool, right?

Naturally, I thought there no better time than today to launch The Bad+Good, but days passed before I even started focusing on the bigger (and truthfully, more important) picture:

The Bad+Good is a passion project I started after leaving my teaching job.

The Bad+Good, Adriana, Writer
 The Bad+Good Writer

What am I writing about? What do I want to share?

Unbelievably simple, yet entirely complicated: life. The bad, the good, and all of the in-between parts of it. The people, the relationships, the travel, and some of my favorite photography.

The Bad+Good is a memoir style autobiography wrapped up in a 1970’s gazette (that’s like a magazine btw).

Thank you for being here.




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