Uber Thoughts

I have been taking uberPOOL to work this week and the childlike (yet perverse) thoughts that sway in and out of my consciousness have been growing more and more rampant as each day passes.

The thoughts that swirl and dance and curtsy inside my brain are rarely appropriate; this is especially true when I find myself in the company of strangers.

Who will join the pool today? is the first thought I have each morning as my head leaves its mountainous shrine of pillows.

I walk down to where the car will be waiting for me and I feel as if it is the first day of school. I am nervous and excited; I fidget.

As we start slowing down to pick up the next rider, I have already carefully laid out and examined the who, what, where, and why of…well, them.

Their individual stories may be less or more exciting than the one I have written in my head, but for once, their stories are out of their hands.

They are merely passengers, as am I. We are no longer drivers.

Their pen is in my hand now; I am the creator.



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